You’ve gone through this many times before. You’ve filled out your application on the convoluted website. You stood in line for an exceptional amount of time to turn in two signed papers. Then there are the dealings with the grumpy household goods office. You can’t help but wait on the subcontracted moving company to show up at an incredibly inconvenient time. It never gets old watching your belongings get slammed into a small truck for future shuffling and (hopefully) delivery. The anxiety compounds. What is next? When military moving stress doesn’t get easier with each move there is hope.

When Military Moving Stress Doesn't Get Easier With Each Move

Moving to a new location is just that, it is new, which is why it never gets easier. Due to this being stressful, complicated, and a huge part of your existence as a member of the military or a spouse, we are here to offer you hope through it all. There’s not a lot you can do on your own about the situation. It’s an expected event in your life, however, we are here to help.

Move It Coach offers consolation during this trying process. The coaches provide a catalyst in the process of uprooting your life. Team members help you deal with major challenges in the relocation process, such as making new friends and establishing a support group. These small things can make a world of difference in your transition from one location to another. They offer support in the resettlement process and discuss topics such as: letting go of routine, setting new goals, creating a sense of support, and working through the grief process of relocating.

Seeking support from The Move It Coach offers not only a smoother relocation process but a chance at a positive new beginning in a new place.

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