The consequences of not dealing with stress reach far and wide. There is little in your life that stress won’t play havoc with, even your rest. Work will suffer, your cognitive abilities will weaken and your days will be longer and more difficult because of stress. Many medical studies now confirm that stress has consequences on your physical health too. Don’t allow this information to create more stress though because there are ways to combat this common enemy. Fighting that enemy begins by taking the time to stop and breathe.

Stop, Breathe and Visualize

Slow Down

Technology, with all its benefits, also has a dark side. This new age was always intended to make work easier, create more time for people and solve problems. The problem is, however, that technology itself is the source of this issue. What has transpired over the past two decades is that people have realized how much more they can fit into their days. That is the result of technology.
Add to that life our children, jobs, social events, holiday, bills and the other seemingly endless aspects and components of life and this picture soon looks like a high-speed passenger train without breaks! The answer? Stop and breathe, then visualize.
Give yourself permission to erase the racing thoughts. Allow yourself the right to simply stop thinking, and breathe. Slow, easy and naturally deep breaths will not only relax you but also help you to release that agenda in your head.

Now Visualize

After you have simply stopped, stopped working, and started breathing, comes the visualization process. This technique is common for success coaches and success training programs. Today this technique has become popular for star athletes, as success coaches teach athletes to visualize a pitch, a catch or a swing. This same principle applies to removing stress. Now that you have slowed down, visualize those appointments going well. Imagine your proposal being well received, picture your day going just as planned.

These steps are instrumental in finding peace and combating stress in our chaotic world. To discover more about finding your peace, reaching your goals or alleviating stress contact us. We promise it won’t be a stressful experience, and we will work with you to help you find your personal success formula for minimizing stress and finding balance in fully living life.

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