At Brain Basics we see technology as a blessing and a curse. Today we have a constant flow of information and a sense of connection around us at all times. It is a distraction that limits our ability to be present and think clearly. We may or may not be cognizant of the impact, but that constant flow keeps us in a state of go. The immediate demand for attention and action can limit our ability to actively think, resulting in knee-jerk reactions versus  thought-out responses. This limits our awareness, success, clarity and happiness. At Brain Basics, we make it our mission to help individuals and teams find their best version utilizing key elements and tools tailored around their objectives and agenda.

Brain Basics is part of a collaborative network of professionally trained coaches with independent firms located worldwide. Our firms represent many areas of expertise and specialize in the KickStart Your Edge GET REAL Leadership methodology to transform individuals and organizations. We seek to foster innovative personal and professional thinking so as to create lasting change.

Brain Basics

Areas of Experience Include:

  • Trust, Conflict, Commitment & Accountability
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication – positive reframing, assertiveness, cognitive thought process
  • Emotional Intelligence (Yes, this can be developed and improved upon.)
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Maximizing Performance
  • New Team Development

About Kathy Walter

Kathy is a certified ICF Professional Coach and Public Speaker. She has developed a diverse training portfolio, producing customized programs utilizing tools and knowledge gained through her experience as an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist and a John Maxwell Team Member. Learn More