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Team development is one of the most important investments you can make for your company, and provides some of the best returns you’ll ever see. It assists in building the trust and communication necessary to engage and retain employees. When you create an environment in which your employees feel heard and equipped, you increase their performance, productivity and overall job satisfaction. You may not know the exact cost of dissatisfied employees or what your turnover rate is, but you do know it hurts. It not only affects your financial bottom line, but turnover costs time, reduces productivity, and often results in mistakes and a drop in overall morale.

Do you want to be competitive in your industry? Create an environment where your employees can thrive. This is where Brain Basics can help. We listen, then partner with you to customize onsite experiences and individual coaching that inspires growth, connection and trust. You’ll see the benefits in your people and your business.

What is Leadership Development?

You’re probably familiar with the seminars, online training sessions and annual conventions that are traditionally called “leadership development.” All of these options, while they may offer some value, lack one important characteristic: they’re not tailored to your people, your business, and your unique situation. Here are some ways that Leadership Development with Brain Basics differs from traditional development options:

  • Traditional Training: Often focuses on broad leadership skills like communication, delegation, or conflict resolution. These programs may involve lectures, group exercises, and simulations.
  • Brain Basics Approach: Targets the individuals’ specific needs and goals. The coach works with them to develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and the ability to work within their specific team.
  • Traditional Training: Typically one-size-fits-all programs delivered in workshops or online modules.
  • Brain Basics Approach: Highly personalized and tailored coaching sessions focused on individual growth and development.
  • Traditional Training: Provides a common foundation in leadership principles and best practices.
  • Brain Basics Approach: Offers deeper, more sustained development that can lead to significant behavioral changes and improved leadership effectiveness.

What Can Leadership Development Offer Your Business?

By taking a personalized approach, coaching can address the specific challenges faced by leaders in today’s business environment. This can lead to a more engaged workforce, improved company culture, and ultimately, better business results.

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How Brain Basics Can Help

  • Executive Coaching: For senior leaders, a coach can help with strategic thinking, decision-making, and managing complex challenges.
  • Emerging Leader Coaching: Equipping future leaders with the skills and confidence to step into larger roles.
  • Communication Coaching: Improving a leader’s ability to communicate clearly, inspire teams, and deliver effective feedback.
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching: Developing self-awareness, empathy, and the ability to manage emotions effectively.
  • Coaching for Work-Life Balance: Helping leaders manage stress, prevent burnout, and achieve a healthy work-life balance.
  • Trust, Conflict, Commitment & Accountability Coaching: Help teams build trust, have healthy conflict, commit to decisions, and hold each other accountable for results.
  • Culture and Engagement Coaching: Helps organizations develop a positive work environment that motivates and inspires employees.
  • Conflict Management Coaching: Equips individuals and teams with skills to navigate disagreements constructively.
  • Creating Cohesive Teams: Builds strong, collaborative teams that work effectively together towards shared goals.
  • Creating and Connecting Employees to Company Values: Helps companies define their core values and fosters employee understanding and alignment with those values.
  • Energy Leadership: Utilizes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment to help individuals and teams understand how their “filters” are affecting their thinking, and therefore their actions, in both normal and high-stress situations.



We offer assessments to help you understand your perspective and how your emotional and social skills are assisting or limiting you.  These assessments are not your standard static personality test. They provide insight into how to develop and improve upon core areas of self, enabling you to change for the better and achieve greater success. Learn More

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Company Coach-On-Call

How can you grow your business, develop strategies for success and maximize the performance of your team at the same time? The Coach-On-Call program empowers associates with support via virtual coaching calls, working through challenges in order to create a positive and more productive work environment. Your team can be the difference between you and your competition, but as a business owner you know balancing the challenges to get the most from your team can be time consuming.  This is the perfect solution for small to mid-size companies looking for affordable associate support.

In today’s workforce, benefits beyond pay go a long way.  What better way to compensate an employee AND improve productivity than through professional coaching? Benefits of the Virtual Coach-On-Call, expressed by clients, include employee retention, even greater morale, less conflict, open communication, more time, new opportunities, and better problem solving.

Let’s talk.  We can customize an affordable program specifically for your company.

Leadership Development

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Supercharge your team: increase productivity, retention and job satisfaction. Team Development is a powerful tool for growth. Contact us today to learn more or get started.