Team development is one of the most important investments you can make for your company. It assists in building the trust and communication necessary to engage and retain employees. It makes sense, retention is significantly impacted by the environment which contributes to performance, satisfaction and trust. You may or may not know the exact cost of dissatisfied employees or your employee turnover, but you do know it hurts. The hurt is not only financial, turnover costs time, reduces productivity, and often results in mistakes and a drop in overall morale.
Think about the amount of time you spend at work.  You want an environment that promotes happiness and well-being which will carry over into your personal life, bringing a greater level of success in both.

You want to be competitive in your industry. One proven way to get there is to create an environment your employees thrive in. This is where Brain Basics comes in to assist, generating the competitive edge you need from your people. We listen to you, then partner with you, utilizing our experience and training, to customize onsite experiences and individual coaching to inspire growth, connection and trust. Benefits will be seen in the office and out.

Our work includes areas of:

  • Trust, Conflict, Commitment & Accountability
  • Leadership Development
  • Culture and Engagement
  • Conflict Management
  • Creating Cohesive Teams
  • Creating and Connecting Employees to Company Values
  • Energy Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence


We offer assessments to help you understand your perspective and how your emotional and social skills are assisting or limiting you.  These assessments are not your standard static personality test. They provide insight into how to develop and improve upon core areas of self, enabling you to change for the better and achieve greater success. Learn More