Questioning the Narrative

Because Your Brain Wants to be Right!   I recently told a family member who is learning to cook that I would share a recipe with her. In fact, I told her I’d do a video showing her how to make the recipe. Filming the video was fun, and once I was finished, I had … Read more

A Coach-on-Call Program is the Support Your Business Needs Today

I won’t mince words:  2020 was a real shitshow.  We all experienced trauma.  If you’re leading a team, you’ve surely seen some effects, at least in your organization’s collective mindset and likely in your enterprise’s productivity.  A coach-on-call (COC) program is an effective way to provide professional, personal consultation and guidance for your team members … Read more

Allow the Dialogue to Play Out for Optimal Collaboration

Conjunction junction, what’s your function?  Do you remember the Schoolhouse Rock jingle?  I know I’m probably dating myself.  Here’s a refresher if you need it.  “And, “but” and,” “or” – conjunctions are effective little vehicles in the English language.  They smartly tie together related and diverse concepts in the English language; but, the conjunction “but” … Read more

Getting Stronger: Opportunity in Posttraumatic Growth

I recently came across an article from the Wall Street Journal featuring a firsthand account of an individual living through Hurricane Irma, which hit Miami in 2017. The author highlighted the ways in which she became a stronger, more confident person after living through the frightening events of preparing for and then riding out the … Read more

Tackling the Taboo of Midlife Crisis

Psychologist Elliott Jaques coined the term “midlife crisis” back in 1965, describing it as a time when adults grapple with the emotional turmoil associated with an unavoidable understanding of a finite number of years left for not only professional productivity, but also for simply living.  Though certainly not funny, his research and concept have become rich fodder … Read more