The E.L.I. is an assessment that takes a look at the perceptions and behaviors that define your leadership skills. Remember, we are all leaders in some aspect of life. You may lead by example in your community, family, church or business, whether you are aware of it or not. The E.L.I. can be seen as a mirror to the ways your perspective influences your actions. This awareness can be the difference in functioning effectively to functioning optimally.

Struggling to Lead and Inspire your Employees? Utilize the Energy Leadership Index Assessment

The Lessons Taught
As individuals, we view the world through our personal filters. These filters affect how we show up, basically who we are at the core. When you are not aware of your filters and what impacts them, you are limited in what you can achieve. This is not a personality assessment which highlights your personality type and what your strengths and weakness are. The E.L.I. highlights your perception of the world on a typical day, as well as when you experience stress. Your perception is subjective, therefore can be adjusted for living to your maximum potential.

Beyond assessing your leadership energy and attitude, an E.L.I. includes a debriefing process where you learn about the seven different levels of energy leadership. All human beings experience life through their own perceptions and it presents uniquely to each person. Just think, when two individuals on the same team, or in the same family, face a challenge each reacts specifically to their consciousness, it can look very different. The E.L.I. will allow you to see what combination of the seven levels you operate in. This awareness gives you the opportunity to adjust your perspective, shift your consciousness and increase your energy which successively decreases stress.

Improving Your Life and Your Leadership Skills
When you begin to utilize your personal E.L.I. assessment and the knowledge from your debrief you have a new awareness to open doors, inspire the people around you, decrease stress, increase your energy and lead yourself and others to success.
If you are interested in learning more about this assessment and how to maximize your potential, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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