We are all leaders in some aspect of life, either by choice or default.  Leadership is not limited to how you manage people within your organization, but how you lead yourself, interact and impact others through life. The real question here is not, “Am I a leader?” but how well am I leading myself and others? The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (E.L.I) is a valuable assessment that will illustrates your perception and perspective of your world and the energy you bring to your standard day as well as when you face stress. The assessment is followed by a debrief with a certified Energy Leadership Practitioner that will go over your results.  Take advantage of the many ways the assessment can transform your thoughts, perceptions, behavior, and relationships.

Using The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (E.L.I)

The first thing the assessment results do is provide an unbiased reflection of your perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. Your response to stress may be surprising, at first. Go in with an open mind as you review the 7 levels and where your perspective may be playing in each other those. Remember there is no good or bad here, just where you are showing up right now in life.  Beating yourself up about where you would rather be does not help. See your results as an opportunity to grow your perspective, increase your energy and the opportunities around you.

Understand and educating yourself around the 7 energy levels is key to your success. There are two energy types: anabolic, energy we build upon to grow stronger and catabolic energy that breaks things apart. You can accomplish life in both types of energy but one looks very different from the other.  The first two levels on the ELI scale operate on a catabolic energy and are fueled by feelings of fear, guilt, self-pity, and anger, to name a few.  Levels 3 through 7 start utilizing the anabolic energy with increasing positivity as you shift up. Anabolic energy allows us to  see more opportunity, decrease our stress, increase our potential for success as well as inspire and motivate others.

Once you understand the levels and where you “show” up in the levels  you can use the ELI assessment to help set goals for yourself. Utilize the information from the results and your debrief to create your success formula.  Your success formula will allow you to explore paths that will increase your awareness, your choices, performance and motivational abilities. With this new information you have the opportunity to better understand your perception and energy as well as that of the person you are interacting with.  Ask yourself what your response would look like in each level.

You can further your knowledge and awareness by working with a coach who is trained in Energy Leadership.  Select a coach who can help you work on the specific areas made clear to you by the assessment results.   To learn more about the Energy Leadership Assessment and the special pricing being offered until June 30th, please contact us.

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