The easiest way for me to describe the energetic atmosphere during the sessions is that the hour-long session feels like 20 minutes.  It is non stop back and forth communication.  I don’t ever remember having so many “light bulbs above my head” turned on.  I have a solid picture of where I want to be and a much better idea on how to get there. Brandon-  Frisco, TX

I’d say the sessions are always thought provoking.  I’d describe Kathy as trustworthy, kind, caring, very perceptive and intuitive, and her style as practical, flexible, open and honest. Davis-   Frisco, TX

Coaching helped me understand my role in my family of origin’s dynamics a great deal more than I did, which better equipped me to handle all sorts of different situations that can arise.  I also have a much deeper appreciation of the different viewpoints on the same situation, which helped with understanding how someone else may see the situation, and better conflict resolution.  I already knew my core values and their importance to me, but looking at them in relation to the choices I make was interesting. The process made me more fully appreciate why I make certain choices or why certain things aggravate me more than others. Anonymous- Frisco, TX

I was able to find my old self and am on track to make a better version of me. Marc-   McKinney, TX

I could not have asked for better results in a shorter period of time. Business Executive – Texas

Kathy has been amazing. She has aided me in becoming more focused and working through goals. She absolutely has been an asset not just for me but my family as well. – Karly R.

Very appreciative of Kathy and her discerning voice of wisdom as she helps equip you with tools that you can use in your personal life to help navigate situations that you may be going through. Whether it is a big move, loss of a loved one, change in job, family or relational issues; Kathy is very professional and caring as she coaches. Kathy makes you feel like you are her only client. I highly recommend Kathy to others. – Janet P.

My experience with Kathy has been very beneficial. It’s refreshing to hear a different perspective on achieving goals and working on a new direction in life and business. Thank you! – Ryon G.

I have thoroughly loved every conversation that Kathy and I have had together. She is very patient and kind and has really helped me. When I was first looking at life coaches, I really wanted someone with a strong Christian background. I didn’t just want someone who was going to tell me what they thought and what I should do. I really was looking for an accountability partner and for someone who could help me out of my rut and help me be more confident. Kathy has done all of that and more. She is a great listener and a great help and encourager and motivator. I look forward to our conversations and I’m so very glad I made the decision to reach out to her. Bethany K.

As a Christian it’s always a blessing to find another believer who can help you navigate through the times in life that become a bit overwhelming or just confusing. She’s able to get you on tract and help set realistic goals. Madreane F.