Your brain is the most powerful computer known and it is controlled by your thoughts. Your thoughts impact your choices, opportunities and results, whether you realize it or not. When you create clarity and train the brain to work for you, in the best possible way, you optimize your engagement, performance and your productivity. Coaching creates an opportunity to focus, broaden your perspective and achieve your personal best through an empowering partnership.

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Team Development


An organization’s most valuable resource is its people. It is the whole of a sum of individual, unique thinkers gathered for a common cause. Competitive pay will attract people but what pay doesn’t secure is long term retention, peak performance, job satisfaction or trust. How do you inspire and encourage your most valuable resource? We partner with you to customize a plan that reflects your organization’s culture and is designed to create cohesive, high performing teams. A high performing team of engaged employees will impact the bottom line.

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Insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. What if you could better understand that insanity and make adjustments based on the insight leading to better management, more effective relationships and a greater return in your decision making? We offer the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and the EQ-i 2.0, with peer, subordinate and supervisor inputs on both, to help you understand your perspective and how your emotional and social skills are assisting or limiting you.

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Your brain is the most powerful computer known. It is controlled by your thoughts. Create clarity and train your brain to work for you. Optimize yourself, or your team's engagement, performance and productivity through introspection and increased self-awareness. Gain the ability to see all the choices and opportunities available.


“Better Relationships”  “Reduction in stress”  “Better team collaboration for better results”

“New opportunities and ways to problem solve.”  “New Leadership opportunities”

“Clarity”  “Better communication”  “New opportunities for personal growth”.

“New perspective”  “Improvement in both professional and personal relationships”

“Change in leadership style”

Jeremy Bolden

“Coaching helped create clarity when things were very blurred and ambiguous. In the process I gained a greater perspective with internal awareness and how to effectively respond to situations. This alone has paid tremendous dividends in my career and personal life. It’s truly the gift that keeps giving. Kathy’s energy and confidence are infectious and reassuring. I am forever grateful that I was introduced to Kathy Walter and her coaching.”

Jeremy Bolden, Cardinal Health Regional Area Manager

Dr. Coly Marsh

“It was a fun interactive way to teach everyone on our team how to minimize stress. The trainers were upbeat and positive, and had our employees engaged, communicating and problem solving in interactive exercises. When everyone participates nothing gets lost in translation. And we all learn more about each other creating a work environment that is less stressful and more enjoyable. I enjoyed listening to the discussions between employees after the training was over just as much as during the training. The take-aways were insightful.”

Dr. Coly Marsh, Frisco Eye Associates


“I found Kathy to have an incredible talent for not only listening to my words, but also HEARING what was running through my mind that I was unable to verbalize. We worked through the COR.E Disciplines and I was able to discover my own point of centre, start cutting through the distractions, moving into action and seeing results. In my experience with the COR.E program, there is not an individual that wouldn’t benefit from working thorough-it with Kathy.”

Linda du Plessis – South Africa


“I think everyone can benefit from a coach whether you are searching for a new career or simply wanting to improve your current situation. It’s very easy to be engrained in our current ways. Things are unlikely to change until someone else shines a light on those items, and provides the tools to work through them. You will be pushed to think, to answer questions, to question the answer to the questions, and ultimately work through to the solution. I gained a heightened perspective around people, conversations, and situations which has broadened the choices in my action, reaction, or lack of action as it pertains to each.”

Jeremy Edwards, Vice President, FSP Practice Lead Kelly Services


“I walked away from each session not only feeling empowered, but having a renewed, positive outlook on circumstances and opportunities. I now have greater clarity around my purpose and values, with tools in-hand that help me achieve my goals and the success I desire. I definitely see the benefits and would say this process has been life changing.”

Amy Buford, Project Management