What is the Energy Leadership Index Assessment?

Webster defines energy as the ability to be active; the physical or mental strength that allows you to do things.  We all use different types and levels of energy throughout our day.  Energy looks different on all people.  Energy shows up in two different ways, catabolic and anabolic.  Catabolic energy is the process of breaking something down to move forward and anabolic energy is the process of building something up to move forward.  We are all leaders in some capacity in life whether intentional or not.  You can lead with my way or the highway utilizing your catabolic energy.  This process can get the job done but overall can make people angry, feel frustrated and beat down which then creates a less productive environment.  And if we are anything we are a productive society.  What if you could tap into your anabolic energy and lead in a more healthy manner for yourself and others?  Or experience that type of leadership from those around you?

Bruce D. Schneider, the founder of iPEC  and author of Energy Leadership, has formulated an assessment to assist us all in how we “show up” and what kind of energy levels we are utilizing through out our day.  This assessment will elaborate on how your energy shows up while experiencing a typical day and what happens to your energy when you perceive a stressful situation.  As the old saying goes, knowledge is power and with the E.L.I. assessment you have the power to make the shift/change you have been looking for or operate in a healthier manner.
The Energy Leadership Assessment is as simple as filling out an online questionnaire in the comfort of your own space and computer.  Once you have completed the assessment, we can set up your personal debrief which lasts about an hour and can be done in person or over the phone. What is stopping you from moving forward?  Contact me today if you would like to discuss further.

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