Five Ways to Ease Moving StressAre you experiencing moving stress? So much to think about, so much to do…when your home is your sanctuary, leaving it feels incredibly difficult, whether it’s a move across the street or across the country. In a time of great change, we can still seek balance and joy! Here are 5 excellent tips, adapted from moving expert Diane Schmidt.

1. Make an 8 week plan.   Of course, emergencies happen in life. But if possible, start working up to your actual move day at least a couple of months in advance. It will go by quickly, but it’s enough time to complete essential tasks. There are many sample moving plans on the Internet to customize for your own situation.

2. Write it ALL down.   Mark key dates on your calendar: movers, lease dates, when to cancel utilities, appointments with realtors, and all the other many small but important details. This serves two key purposes. First, it will help you break down an overwhelming task (moving) into a series of more manageable ones. Second, by moving all those details from your brain to your calendar, you will find it easier to really relax when you take a break.

3. Remember your self-care plan.   When time and money get tight during a move, sometimes wellness gets left off the “to-do” list. Do your best to eat nutritious foods, and get adequate sleep and exercise. Blocking off time for a favorite activity at least once a week will do wonders for your focus and energy during this challenging transition.

4. Farewells are important.   Formal and informal gatherings are a wonderful way to honor the relationships that you’ve formed. But a big party isn’t for everyone. Do what fits your time and your finances! Going to favorite locations one last time, thanking colleagues and neighbors in person or with a brief note, and sharing memories with friends and family can all help the transition go more smoothly.

5. A solid back-up plan is a huge stress reliever.  Nothing will ever go 100% according to plan! But that doesn’t mean your move won’t succeed — just that you may need to embrace some unexpected change during the process. Take a few simple steps such as having a list of back-up movers, giving yourself some extra travel time, and keeping a list of emergency contacts handy.

For ideas on how to apply these tips, and for personalized coaching support before, during and after your move, please contact us.


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