Move Stress Out Of Your Life With This Simple Affirmation

Are you regularly crippled by panic and excessive anxiety? Has stress turned your life into a difficult-to-manage nightmare? If so, you should try this simple affirmation to move stress out of your life:

“There are many things life I can control and many things that I cannot. I let go of the things that are beyond me and trust they will be taken care of.”

These simple words are designed to help you calm your life’s anxiety and help you focus on things that truly matter. Are you anxious about an upcoming snow storm and how it will impact your travel over the next couple of days?

We’ve all been there. But snow is something that you can’t control. Anxiety often arises when we try to take control of things like that, of circumstances that have their own life. Instead of obsessing over the snow and its effects, simply repeat your affirmation several times, while taking deep, soothing breaths.

The breaths are a key part of it: proper breathing stimulates a higher metabolic rate which contributes to a peaceful mind. Close your eyes while you breathe to cut out any outside interference and negative stimulation. Focus your attention solely on your affirmation and let the words sink into your mind with clarity and focus.

What you’re doing is simulating meditation, the ancient art of relaxation. In this art, you clear your mind and focus on a single word or sentence in order to gain greater clarity and inner wisdom. And while there’s much more to meditation than simply relaxing, it definitely helps create a calmer and more restful state of mind.

You’ll also be sending positive messages to your subconscious mind and this is crucial. You can only change your conscious mental patterns by changing the subconscious thoughts that influence your mind. And affirmations are the first step.

Do you want to know more? Then please contact The Move It Coach today for tips about beating stress, moving forward in life, and accomplishing all your dreams. They’re right there at your finger tips, just waiting to be grasped!

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