What affects our willingness to move forward in our life, to go after our dreams, to really create a life that brings us personal satisfaction?

Energy.  How you show up in life makes all the difference in the world.

There are two types of energy:  Catabolic and Anabolic.

Catabolic energy is draining, exhausting, resisting and filled with negativity. Anabolic energy, on the other hand, is positive, empowering, uplifting.  Everyone has both types of energy. When we show up with catabolic energy, we don’t have much chance for success. We are stuck, stagnate and filled with procrastination. When we show up with anabolic energy, we only have the opportunity for success. We find opportunities, have compassion, and feel connected.

Energy is also categorized within 7 levels of energy that range from being at the effect of life to absolute passion.  Each level of energy is tied to your level of consciousness or awareness.

The Energy Leadership ™ Leadership Assessment is an attitudinal assessment that measures your level of energy and can pinpoint how your worldview, perceptions and perspective of the world determine your experiences.

As the Move It Coach, in order to help my clients get moving in the direction we want to go, I personally debrief the results of the Energy Leadership Index Assessment to create a foundation for all coaching sessions.  By really understanding what viewpoints have created a limited view –we will be able to shift energy to anabolic to help expand the possibilities.


Energy Leadership Index Assessment (E.L.I) & Coaching