It is that time again, opportunity has found us! As good as the opportunity may be the sense of dread you may feel in facing another move isn’t helping. Your eyes begin to cloud over when you think about hiring a realtor, securing a loan, the always “show” ready house, packing, new schools, movers. There is no way around it, moving is a huge undertaking and unless you’ve been gifted with a personality that loves the upheaval, it can be a great source of stress. We can’t eliminate the work but we can help you organize your thoughts around your move and create a smooth transition for the whole family. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help get you started:

Do's and Don'ts To Deal With Moving Stress

Do: Take One Step At A Time
It is true, there is a lot to do but sitting down and writing it all out can minimize some of the stress.  Your list of necessary To Dos and action steps in logical order will help you stay focused as well as create clarity for your brain. Every time you check something off that list you give yourself a hit of dopamine. Dopamine is one of the chemical signals from your brain and key to motivation and moving forward.
Don’t : Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today. 
We often think we have plenty of time until the big day and we embrace what I like to call “creative job avoidance”. The act of finding other tasks not as beneficial to our current goal but mentally we still feel the benefits of being productive. Color coordinating your closet right now or caulking the bathroom may not be the next best step.
Do: Utilize Friends That Offer to Help
We are such human doers that we feel less than when we reach out for assistance. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Your friends are there to support you in this time and if any of them have had to move before they know it can be overwhelming.  See if you can round them up to lend an extra hand.  The work will go much faster and you get the additional time together if goodbyes are looming in the distance. Research shows helping others can help you live longer.
Don’t: Feel Like You Can’t Hire Movers or Cleaners
There is no doubt about it, moving can be expensive.  Bonus costs seem to pop up everywhere. Work out a budget for your move ahead of time.  There are parts of the move you may be able to contract out if your budget allows you.  You may not be able to afford packers but you may be able to afford the hourly rate of movers loading and unloading boxes.  Moving services can be broken down don’t hesitate to ask. Having someone clean the house you are leaving or the new house may save enough time to make it worth spending the extra dollars. Ask your realtor for names of people that can assist.  Knowledge is power here and if you don’t call and price it you don’t know.  If your budget can handle it, your back and mental state of mind will benefit greatly.  Money to fund the “bonus” services from a garage sale may be the motivation you need to organize and minimize belongings that don’t qualify for the move.
Do: Take The Time To Say Goodbye
When moving cities, states or even countries, part of entering a new stage of life is saying goodbye to the old one. It is important to acknowledge the change and sadness that may be felt in leaving friends and a house with fond memories. Saying goodbye can help us move into that next stage, acknowledging what we will miss and what we can be thankful for moving forward. This can be difficult on everyone but with children it gives them the opportunity to start learning how to deal with changes. Skills they can utilize their entire life.  Setting a healthy example for your children will be part of the equation.
No move is perfect, but remember to breathe and embrace the moments that touch your heart. It is easy to get caught up in the craziness of everything that needs to be done but you give up a piece of your happiness in the process when you are not present. If you would like some assistance in minimizing your stress and increasing your energy around your move, contact us.

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