We all face some aspect of stress in our lives. The effects of stress look and feel different for every person, but the consequences tend to be the same, limiting us mentally and physically. In a day and age where constant contact is available 24/7 with work, your personal life, as well as the “opportunity” to get something done at all hours, taking a moment for yourself is more important than ever.

Stop and Breathe: Boost Your Natural Energy

Balancing the stress of everyday life is challenging, however, it begins with you. Cortisol levels in your body are elevated during times of high stress, which can raise blood pressure and cause numerous health problems. The good news is, you have tools within you to combat the unhealthy effects of mental and emotional stress. Taking a moment to stop and breathe is perhaps the most crucial exercise to clear your mind and help you soar through the day.

Exercise Your Heart and Mind

Creating a peaceful mental state allows you to regenerate, inspiring inner growth and healing. As you take a slow, deep breath, envision your heart expanding. Let your mind gravitate to a positive state, release those thoughts and images into your expanded chest and heart. Visualize those you love, imagine what makes you laugh, remember things you’ve proudly achieved, envision projects that inspire you. Fill your heart and mind with each steady breath. Regular breathing exercises will help you decompress from the strain of the day and propel you forward with unbeatable energy and strength.

Sight and Sound

There are numerous health benefits obtained from being in nature. We don’t always have the time to take long mountain hikes for a mental boost, so why not bring nature to you. Find a sun-soaked spot in your yard to place a bird feeder or sit by a tree thriving with life in a local park. The sweet sound of bird activity acts as a powerful form of relaxation. Sit comfortably, breathe deeply, give yourself a moment to tune into the natural world and melt away mental clutter. When the stress at work is effecting your thought process, take a walk outside and shift your thoughts to a different side of the brain. When you return you may find the answer is sitting right there or a fresh perspective to start again.

Stimulating Scents

Aromatherapy is used extensively for a variety of reasons from improving energy, reducing anxiety and depression, even helping with insomnia. The healing ability of aromatherapy makes it an ideal addition to your home or office. Family and friends will gravitate to the healing space you create through essential oils. Stimulating your sense or smell with a calming oil will encourage relaxation and steady breathing for improved health and well-being.

The suggestions above can all be utilized at home or the office to enhance your environment to benefit you. You don’t have to let stress limit your choices or your happiness. Contact us, let us work with you in developing the tools needed to cultivate a successful, healthy life where you can thrive.

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