Is my senior ready for college?This is a question most parents ask themselves as Spring semester begins senior year of high school. The end is in sight, I know I’m not ready, but what about my senior? I watched my senior prepare college applications and essays that would challenge the best last summer, so they must be ready, right?

No, not necessarily. We are blessed to live in an environment that prepares our children academically for college, but academics are just a piece of the college pie. What else can we do to encourage their growth and preparedness in other areas like emotional well-being, healthy habits, communication, and safety? We want students to navigate college successfully, safely, and have a fulfilling experience.

When you think back to the last four years of high school for your senior, what five words would you use to characterize your senior? Independent? Dependent? Social? Loner? Flexible? Motivated? Stressed? Have your senior list out five characteristics describing the last four years, as well. How will those characteristics benefit or hinder their success in this new stage of life?

This is not an opportunity to criticize, compare, or insult but to generate healthy conversation around the knowledge necessary to prepare, plan, and execute. It could be the difference between empowering them with the tools necessary to respond versus react.

Take the assessment below to see if your senior is showing signs of being ready to go.

  1. Do you wake your senior up to go to school?
  2. Do you remind your senior of due dates and assignments?
  3. Did your senior navigate the college application process on their own?
  4. Does your senior manage their own money?
  5. Does your prioritize and manage stress well?
  6. Does your senior motivate easily?
  7. Can your senior manage their time?
  8. Does your senior set their own appointments?
  9. Does your senior go to appointments on their own?
  10. Does your senior have good judgment/assess risk?
  11. Have you asked your senior if they want to attend college?
  12. Does your senior want to attend college?

There’s a reason 30% of college freshmen drop out after their first year. If you answered yes to 6 or more of the questions above, a significant amount of communication needs to happen to properly prepare your senior. A tough first semester filled with stress and self-doubt can be hard to bounce back from.

At Brain Basics, we have created a workshop, College Knowledge, to empower our young adults with confidence and the skills to handle this big transition. If you would like to know more about our College Knowledge workshop, please call Brain Basics (972) 712-4163 or email us online.

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