A New Year means a fresh start, a blank page to begin a new chapter of your life. Most people reign in the New Year by making some New Year’s resolutions aka, setting goals for the coming year. You can start 2017 with some great new goals, but unless you make your goals tangible, visible, rewardable, and reasonable you might as well do what so many others do with their New Years’ goals… give up by February.

New Year, New Goals – How to Make and Adjust Your Goals for 2017


Your goals need to be tangible – in other words, they need to be things you can actually accomplish. Do not make a goal that you know you cannot keep or reach. The dictionary defines the word ‘Tangible’ as being “real or actual rather than imaginary or visionary.” Instead of just thinking about your goals, discuss them with other people, say them out loud, and write them down. Doing these things makes your goals tangible and you are more likely to achieve tangible goals.


Making your goals more visible is a great way to make them tangible and an even better way to stay motivated. You can make your goals more visible by writing them down and by creating a vision board with pictures. Make sure you put your goals in a place where you will see them every day.


Thinking up and making goals is fantastic, but unless you find a way to reward yourself for your progress you may not accomplish as much as you could with rewards. Make up some small and simple rewards for weekly and monthly progress. Then come up with bigger rewards for progress made farther down the road – like at the end of the year.


Make reasonable goals and after a few days adjust as needed. For example, if you make a goal to write 3,000 words to a book every day but after a few days, you realize that you just won’t be able to reach that number every day – adjust and make a new, more reasonable goal.

If you have struggled in the past with achieving your goals help is near. Kathy sees greatness and an opportunity to help someone live a fully conscious, rewarding life in everyone she meets. Learn more about making and keeping your 2017 goals by contacting us today.

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