I need a promotion, I need to lose weight, I need to make more money, I need, I need, I need. Do thoughts like these run through your head on a regular basis? What are you actually doing to make things happen in your life? Do you have a plan, or do you find yourself stating what you want and stopping there? Technology has brought us into a time where work, friends and answers to anything we seek are only a click away. The only problem with this onslaught of information is the brain has a harder time getting clarity and helping us maximize our lives. We end out talking more about what we want to see happen versus making it happen. We do the same thing over and over again waiting for a different result which eventually leads to frustration, feelings of dissatisfaction, and anger or victim hood mentality.

Make Things Happen

What can you do to stop this cycle and maximize life?

1. Determine your WHY based on what you do want. This is going to require time to actually sit and think. Yes, I said actually think about it, no google option here. We can’t expect beneficial answers if we don’t stop and take time to figure out the why. If you don’t understand your why you won’t have the motivation to move towards change.

2. Ask yourself what you will achieve and what will be different when you have accomplished this want? Thinking about that, what blocks do you see getting in your way? List any and all that have potential to limit your success. If you have attempted this before what caused you to fail or quit.

3. Now that the possible blocks are out in the open, create your plan to overcome them. Creating your plan around the blocks in advance will give you the advantage. (It is like knowing the play before the opposing team runs it.) Yes, other things may pop up that were unplanned, but it will require less energy and motivation to work through it as you have already run this drill. In other words, you are conditioning the brain to work for you with the prior exercise.

Only three steps to move from I wish, I want, I need, to action. No excuses now, right? Unfortunately, there are times when getting clarity around the three steps can be challenging. We may not have awareness around what is blocking us or simply don’t see the road to get us where we want to be. There is nothing abnormal about that, it is simply where we are today as a society. Clarity can be more challenging than ever with technology spewing information at us 24/7. Working with a coach at Brain Basics can help you find clarity to take action and maximize your performance in life. When you maximize your performance in life you see the results in the office and out. Call Brain Basics today to start getting the results you want.

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