Acceptance is a difficult word.  But why? The Urban dictionary tells us the stage of acceptance is where there is no ill will toward anyone. No regrets. No sadness. No desperation. You have accepted the fact that all that has come before this moment was there to teach you something. To propel you forward.  Could it be that acceptance requires making a choice to be non-judgmental? When you practice acceptance- of yourself, of others, of situations you are completely non-judgmental and acknowledge the experience only.  That can be very difficult to do when we have a life full of experiences that have impacted us. We are human and judgment impacts our decisions all day long.

Acceptance Is A Difficult Word

How many situations or people in life have you fully accepted?  When acceptance is missing there is a lack of trust, possibly coming from past regret, disappointment or anger.  My visual connection when I am missing acceptance is being tethered to a situation or person unable to move forward without dragging the situation and/or person with me.  (Think back to the old SNL skit where Mike Myers is harnessed, with a helmet on, pulling a jungle gym down the street with him. He did eat chocolate to power up but…..) My view is limited and I am carrying the weight of the past taking more of my energy.  If I hold onto regret, disappointment or anger over past situations, I limit my happiness in general and my ability to be present right where I am.

Humans are unlike any other creation on the planet in their ability to think about and observe their own thoughts, as well as communicate those thoughts with others. This gives us the ability to accept what is and make a conscious choice. It also allows for greater awareness, and the ability to shift our focus, if we choose, from what we can not control to what you can control.

Think of a situation where your behavior or choices didn’t reflect your potential.  How might circumstances from the past be affecting the choices you are making and your performance today? What major obstacles are holding you back from finding acceptance? Do you simply stop short or are you an perfectionist who can’t find satisfaction? What thought will allow you the power to let go and accept the experience? With life coaching, you can grow to understand yourself and the way your brain works. Changing your inefficient and/or harmful thought processes into productive ones will help you reach your potential.  Acceptance will save you time and energy that will allow you to reach your peak performance.  If you’re looking to get the most of your life, connect with Brain Basics and speak to our certified life coach to channel your energy towards a brighter you.

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