Having a positive mindset really does make an impact in your life. When you actively think of what you are grateful for, you can make the positive change that you are looking for. The brain is 5 times more likely to retain negative thoughts and experiences than the positive ones. So when we intentionally concentrate on the good things in our life, our brain will process that information and help us to create a cycle of productive thinking.

One of my favorite Ted Talk for Gratitude is Discover the Three Keys of Gratitude to Unlock Your Happiest Life! by Jane Ransom. In this talk, she shares stories about her own life experiences and how gratitude can assist with healing childhood wounds and success in life. She changed her way of thinking and started to discover how gratitude could influence her life as well as her clients. She shares some of the remarkable changes. Utilizing her three keys, Emote, Extend & Exercise, on a regular basis you can create new brain cell connections that become your new normal. Viewing life from an attitude of gratitude will increase your energy and your options, eliminating the negative energy that was draining you and limiting your thought process.

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