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Some times in life – we can’t get our personal game going. We have hopes, dreams and aspirations – but there is something that is keeping us stuck. Something that is blocking our vision. Something that is standing in our way. Something that we just can’t see.

Coaching with Kathy — the Move It Coach — will help you figure out what that ‘something’ is – and you’ll get moving in the direction you want to be going.
As the Move It Coach, Kathy works with people who are going through a life transition. Some of Kathy’s clients are:

  • Going through the divorce process
  • Transitioning from a career to being a stay at home mom
  • Physically relocating with their family to a whole new life
  • Working on getting out of financial debt
  • Moving into the world of an empty nest

As you can see – all of these life transitions are covering new territory. Often it is hard to get traction when we are uncertain what the outcome is going to be.
The coaching process is a powerful approach to help you stop being stagnate and start moving towards the life you want, the life you desearve.
The Move It coaching process will help you shift your awareness that can improve your outlook on work and life. You will be able to maximize your true potential.

Coaching is for forward thinking individuals who are ready to move towards what they really want the most.

About Brain Basics

Brain BasicsAt Brain Basics we recognize the society we live in, and the technology we utilize allows us to be productive 24/7. It is that base that enables us to be all, do all, but can limit our awareness, clarity and happiness. We utilize our experience in professional development and training to customize programs for your organization or individual needs to maximize your potential, job & personal satisfaction, and productivity. This process involves creating a greater level of awareness and personal growth; when necessary removing energy blocks that are adverse to the environment or individual.
It is our mission at Brain Basics to transform individuals and their work environments empowering each to live to their maximum potential. Learn More


"The easiest way for me to describe the energetic atmosphere during the sessions is that the hour-long session feels like 20 minutes. It is non stop back and forth communication. "

Brandon - Frisco, TX

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