Each workshop gets down to the basics bringing an opportunity to participate in a dynamic discussion with others, utilizing tools and thought provoking activities to broaden awareness, brainstorm solutions, explore road blocks and overcome challenges.


Brain Basics

If you catch yourself saying “when I get this done I can (fill in the blank)”. This keeps you from being in the moment and limits your happiness. This workshop is about getting down to the basics and getting in touch with what makes you happy, how to decrease stress and live life to the fullest. Wouldn’t it be great to laugh more and stress less? There is a 5 person minimum.  Learn More

College Knowledge

College Knowledge is a workshop for graduating seniors to assist with that next big step in life.  Our workshop mission is to ensure they begin the next chapter of their journey, armed and equipped with information and resources to assist in having a successful and healthy college experience. There is a 5 person minimum.  Learn More