Brain Basics is a workshop for those individuals looking to get back to the basics. What do we mean when we say basics? Basics is creating clarity around life choices, managing stress and finding happiness. You have the opportunity to be busy 24/7, or may have responsibilities that push you into a constant state of GO. It is this push that limits you from living life right where you are. Are you living a blessed life, but don’t experience the rewards or feelings that come with it? Do you catch yourself saying “when I get this done I can (fill in the blank)”. This keeps you from being in the moment and limits your happiness. This workshop is about getting down to the basics and getting in touch with what makes you happy, how to decrease stress and live life to the fullest. Wouldn’t it be great to laugh more and stress less?

5 sessions (60 minutes) 5 person minimum

Next Workshop: Please call or e-mail to be added to the wait list.