Life CoachingLife coaching embraces all aspects of you and happens virtually in the comfort of your home or office. This is a great starting point if you are interested in personal growth, and motivated to work towards what you really want. The best version of you requires being engaged and having a perspective that allows you to see all choices and opportunities. You have goals and ambition but may lack the clarity necessary to move forward and accomplish the things you seek- or you intuitively know you have not reached your full potential.

We’ll focus on gaining clarity around your specific agenda, personal goal setting, and clearing road blocks if necessary. These sessions are a great sounding board to assist with all things in life, including self-awareness, communication, healthy conflict, time management, and stress management. The benefits commonly associated with coaching include an increase in productivity and happiness, a decrease in stress and an overall improvement in relationships.

If you are unclear where to begin, a specific, structured coaching agenda like the Brain Basics 6 session package is a great place to start. The sessions are designed to help you see what your personal success looks like and to enable you to begin steering your life in that direction. Each life coaching session is virtual via a face-to-f face on-line meeting or by phone call, based on your preference. Ready to reach your true potential? Schedule a call today where we can tailor a plan together to work towards your goals.

Brain Basics 6 session package:

  • Road Map
  • Values
  • Personal Mission Statement
  • Road Blocks
  • Optimistic or not?
  • Energy Levels: How do you show- up?

COR.E Dynamics™ is a structured and comprehensive program to optimize performance in all aspects of life. The program incorporates 10 Disciplines for high performance; these disciplines form a foundation for living that create a powerful state of awareness and a positive attitude. The process allows you to take control back, engage in what you are doing, and bring a continual level of enjoyment and satisfaction.

12 sessions

Session 1: Orientation, Planning and Goal Setting
Session 2 – 12: Customized around the 10 Disciplines and influencers for your personal best.

Includes an assessment tool on your smart phone.
Optional workbook at additional cost.

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